Basestation 2010

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Base station 2010/11 design

base station2011 design

Gumsense2: msp430 co-processor PCB

  • Job Structure 2010 - new job structure
  • What Vcc? Overo is 1.8V - level converters used
  • MSP430F5 series for a good RTC and I/O - perhaps same as probe msp for code sharing?
  • switchable power outs which can be controlled by the msp on it's own, or by the gumstix via the msp
  • msp adc inputs available on headers
  • should have connections for at least 2 sht15 sensors? (one on pcb, one remote)
  • should have i2c available (what voltage?) for connecting external sensors
  • should be able to schedule sensor readings (some readings are instantaneous, others take a while eg gps)
  • human readable script for config/settings/jobs - via serial

base station power requirements table for all modules

base station timers - how wake-ups and schedule/sampling will be done

Overo configuration

Patches to reflect on circuit diagram

  • pull up for vbat should goto vcc not 3.3v
  • psu switch to Switch mode
  • re add jtag?
  • 100k pull up for battV fet
  • Remove all 0402 packages