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data basics

Data used to come in files ordered like this:

ID M D T P Strain Res TX TY TZ

10 12 2 0 6.89473 0.658301 20.2287 -3.84744 -11.3207 71.934

New system should do something like this:

YYYY MM DD time ID T P Str Res TX TY TZ refl

note TiltZ is separate (ie not X2) for 2008

Battery Volts may be fetched separately daily as part of a probe status packet

Need to integrate all probe data. Beware that the Java plots and some excel shows P as water pressure height equiv. not Pa. Our pressures are hundreds of kPa.

1psi = 0.068046atm = 6.894733 kPa, so 100psi guage goes up to 70m water pressure


needs to be downloaded from:

We have an agreement for an XML feed from:

Wunderground data can be obtained automatically using this kind of url

you need to ID of the station you want - and this gives comma separated data

we need weather data from iceland weather service

Just set up webcam daily download (at 12:15) to

leo is the database and web server where all data will be stored.

Useful documents