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Some of the dev boards are 5 series others are 6 series. Read the chip to find out which one you're got. If 6 series use 6137 otherwise 5137:

msp430-gcc -mmcu=cc430x6137 -o code code.c
mspdebug uif -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -j

puts you into the debugger prompt where:

load code run

will load it and run it.

There is not a lot of support for this board on the TI site (then again it is basically just a CPU on a PCB)

this zip contains a PCB file (Getting started...) and schematic

Dev board sheet - more info on this PCB

CPU datasheet - good for finding port names

Radio details

to use the two LEDs:

P1DIR |= BIT0; 
P3DIR |= BIT6; 

P1OUT ^= BIT0;   // toggle green LED
P3OUT ^= BIT6;   // toggle red LED