GW12 Basestation

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Largely based on 2011 designs but changing to the beaglebone platform.

Beaglebone Hardware Mod

Ice-cape 1.0 modifications required

  • Connect ground plane to bottom of Battery potential divider
  • Sort out labels so they appear - change layer maybe?
  • Add keepout to molex connectors
  • increase size of big inductor footprint & add keepout
  • Bolts for beagle
  • Increase poly fuse size
  • footprint for eeprom for cape
  • orientation markers for
    • LED
    • Pol caps
    • All Chips
    • All diodes
  • Move beagle diode so doesn't clash with inductor
  • Fix DMG6602svt footprint issue
  • Change 100uF output cap on 5V PSUs to match 3V3 PSU
  • Add VCC Tool LED
  • Add Beagle control LED
  • Add compass? Decided against due to huge amounts of metal
  • Fix JTAG header
  • Sort out noise on 3V3 PSU
  • switched outputs from beagle for USB power controll
  • remove cap on beagle reset as it causes instability of reset button
  • Diode so beagle can be powered externally without it bleeding into rest of board?
  • Add RTC to beagle

=Ice-Cape 1.1 modifications

  • clash between msp-rst and bolt
  • clash between 12v0 and bolt and beagle
  • bottom right beagle hole

MSP Softare to write

  • EEPROM Test
  • Temp Test
  • Time Test
  • Accel Test
  • output test
  • LED test

MSP Software to check

  • Job no roll over Actually a problem with counting number of jobs- job numbering was fine
  • EEPROM size - now double

Linux Software to check

  • Change of power settings


  • Check clock accuracy
  • Check ADC using external vref
  • Check powering: PASS
    • GPS PASS
    • Wifi PA PASS
    • Low power 5v load PASS
    • Beagle PASS
  • Check Fuse blows PASS
    • 12V PASS
    • 5V PASS
  • Check Temp sensor PASS
  • Check BattV sensors
  • Check current sensors


Board A


X Min: 2596

X Max: 1431

Y Min: 1435

Y Max: 2600

Z Min: 2735

Z Max: 1612

Board B


X Min: 1558

X Max: 1558

Y Min:1549

Y Max:1870

Z Min: 2750

Z Max: 1615

Board D


X Min: 2607

X Max: 1451

Y Min: 2593

Y Max: 1452

Z Min: 2727

Z Max: 1595