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aim is to put some beagleboard based cameras out separately to capture qualitative info on the environment - eg snow, ice on base station? and capture images which are useful for future calibration trials for better quantitative measurements.

good page on similar camera.

best link found so far for beagleXM build is here and the Aptina driver for the 5MP cameras we're testing

Another Beagleboard camera link for a descriptive camera using fswebcam with usb webcam. (tempting to just add two webcams and live with the reduced resolution)

angstrom kernel version 2.6.32 with the right driver works!

leopardcam build notes

In order to get everything ready in time we have opted for the Logitech Pro 9000 2MP webcam - which produces good 1600x1200 images and friver support. USB extender which seems to work well on a laptop by Trixes.

Under test is the Dazzle usb capture of a borecam left down a hole - using the Snow-Cape for capture.

Things to think about

  • Enclosures
    • Keeping the glass clear
  • Pyramid/tripod thing
  • Where to put them
  • Power Supply
  • Wifi card
  • GPS Location - mounting point for Ant?
  • Beagle sleep
  • Lenses like these