GW12 Deployment

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GW12 Deployment

  • 1 Beaglebone Icecape Reference Station
  • 1 Beaglebone Icecape Basestations sporting
    • 2 RPN Antenna modules
    • 868 LP-Surface Network Driver (Low Power)
    • Wifi for HS-Surface Network (High Speed)
  • 5-8 GW12 GP Probes (General Purpose)
  • 3 GW12 3D deep geophone probes GW12_Geophones
  • 4 GW12 1D shallow geophone probes


At the moment the plan is that probes and base station/s wake up at 12:00 for communications. Probes will be polled, then geophones, then any GPS units etc. The Wifi links will then be used to push data out (we may want REF data to be transferred at a later time to avoid bandwidth clashes?

all nodes will have a schedule for COMS and a sensor sample schedule. COMS windows have a duration in seconds.