GW12 General Purpose Probe

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GW12.0 Probe Overview

Probe TODO

GW12.0 Overview
Current Overview of the GW12.0 Probe

The GW12 Probe is a new Probe design based on the Energy Micro EFM32G230F128 MCU. The new probe has the following features:

Main Components

  • 32bit ARM Cortex-M3 Processor (16k RAM, 128k flash)
  • microSD Card Slot Adapter
  • 3 colour LED
  • User Switch
  • Low Power Voltage Supervisor
  • Debug Serial Interface


  • NEW I2C HMC5883 Compass Sensor
  • NEW I2C MMA8451Q Accelerometer Sensor
  • NEW INA333 Platinum temperature sensing bridge tuned to -5 to +5 degrees C
  • big 500psi Pressure sensor
  • Normal Strain Bridge
  • Normal Conductivity Sensor


  • RPM1 151.3 100mW Radio Module

Information regarding software stack

EFM32 Eclipse Toolchain Installation Instructions

Current PCBs

Gw12prototop (Medium).jpg GW12.0 MCU Board Top Layer

Gw12protobot (Medium) (2).jpg GW12.0 MCU Board Bottom Layer

Photos and connector pinouts of the gw12 prototypes can be seen.

GW12 Firmware

The GW12 Firmware is new and fairly developmental. The areas that need development

  • file transfer - we use XMODEM at the moment for the final stage and simple radio transfer
  • uniformity of text messages
  • LED control

Sensor Drivers

  • conductivity - needs more work and calibration
  • temperature - needs individual calibration per pcb but works well
  • pressure - needs work on offsets
  • strain - calibrated - need to look into zero offsets
  • compass - some failed but generally OK
  • accelerometer - OK

GW12 Tests

This page contains information on all the tests which will and have been carried out on the GW12 Probe.