Guide to linux programs

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This info is for GW8 nodes

Test code

readeeprom id 0x20 

Reads a byte in probe eeprom - this example returns the ID of the probe and confirms link is working

probestatus id

prints all the probe status - including batVolts


finds any probes in a certain (precompiled) id range - buggy at the moment!

probereadallthesensors id

designed to test all the sensors - shows live readings - only for setup (can hang on radio links)

Essential code

probeclock id [s,g]

sets the clock on the probe (s) or gets it (g)

probesleep id

Puts a probe into sleep mode (beware! alarm must be set properly - we should possibly warn?)

probesetalarm id sec min hour day

sets the alarm (wake up time) on a probe


The main way to read stored sensor readings from probes - must be 100% good! (in progress)

Python control programs gwstation -R -t means run main job in REF mode - and test mode (no shutdown)