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  • Local met station needed
    • Hofn is a good backup but is 20km away!
    • Akurnes also gives us weather data via wunderground
    • mountain cafe may be best site
    • Davis has been bought and tested
      • Davis Comparison very little info comparing it with research grade weather stations.
  • Local temperature sensors (one for base too)
    • precision thermistor looks good but would need custom interface
    • Pt Resistance Thermistor would rather use something a bit more accurate if possible - it not much more compared to the other costs...
    • Campbell Scientific 107 (version used by met office) is £48 w 3m cable. Radiation shield for £78.
    • autonomous sensor/logger If we're not worried about having data in realtime one of these (or something similar) would be good. ~£150 with calibration certificate and it'll do hourly temperature measurements for over two years.

need to look into other free software eg this one

detailed manual for Davis Vantage Pro

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