Norway base station maintenance

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Standard checklist for 2005 base station

Check LR modem is plugged into bitsy enclosure. This is often disconnected when accessing the base station. Check ribbon cables are connected to top board. These are frequently removed when opening the bitsy enclosure. Check probe comms wiring connections on screw terminals on top board. These connections are fragile, and often strained.

Change Log

6/5/06 KM&AJR trip - replaced base bats will full ones. Left ref GPS ON (measured 1.4A coming into one bat from charger!) PR1 now has extra in-box radio, but PR2 is working reasonably well. Base wind pointed slightly more left. Bat volts seem to drop a lot - and there may be a 0.7V error on our adc measurement

2/5/06 KM tried getting into base 12:53 - 12:07 - no sign of LR coms - restarted PPP just in case

20/4/06 KM logged into base after restarting ref pppd. Watched probegetdata. No probe coms on PR1 (in suitcase)