Radio network improvements

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  • 151.3 MHz at 100mW
    • old radiometrix BiM is not nice to use - hence RPM choice for 2011/2
    • going down to 30MHz is long term aim as it will drop losses a lot
  • ad-hoc network - data hopping
    • essential for increasing range
    • no time for fully custom one for 2011
    • contiki could provide one?
    • RPM-based MAC - tailoring low level network to the RPM
      • need to understand contiki radio network, eg Rime
  • Antenna
    • Helical Antenna - maybe with former (we have nylon rod)
    • can have wider turns in helical (affects impedance, make constant)
    • need to standardise so its resistance is consistent

3volt RPMs are a different frenquency and are labelled with a blue blob

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