Remaining bugs

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solder points were too small - and solder pads difficult to use with wire

small connector better than soldering ribbons onto pcb?

Make the pinout of the programming header the same order as the TI one! OR - switch to spy-by-wire programming. make apapter lead using IDC


replace PSUs on base board and move to more accesible place - on progress

replace M8s with something that will be continued to be produced

local on off switch

dedicated rtc chip on base?

low noise psu

pads for EEPROM

poly fuses


jumper to force gumstix to be powered - done

add double fet thingy to vbat measure -partial - move to 2.2 for on/off switch to leave spcon 7 free if possible, and 5.0 for input (A8)

change vbat resistors

change vbat so other side of diode - done

fix reset bug - done

all 0805

re add fet header

add general purpose debug LEDs - done


Fix dodgy wifi pigtail

fix dodgy gps pigtail


  • current read values ~15K
  • gum seg fault on power off
  • gum power oscilates occasionally
  • re add watchdog