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Making a cheaper dGPS for use where lots are needed with radio links home would be a great invention for glaciology.

LEA-6T is the device we will test from here. It uses L1 only but also records Glonass sats. We will record data to uSD and make a communications net to send the data out. It also provides an accurate clock tick we can use to synchronise multiple geophone stations.

The antenna we have tested is this small one from Tallysman

Post-processing and file formats need investigating. eg rtklib

eg: rtklib-convbin file.ubx

can extract the raw data - more details here

we hope for accuracy of a few cm. see "GPS-Equipped Wireless Sensor Network Node for High-Accuracy Positioning Applications" Bernhard Buchli, Felix Sutton, and Jan Beutel

In 2013 the deployed ublox system was accurate to about +- 10cm (20cm vertically) with a 2hr recording processed against the moraine Leica station.