Wais Lab sensors

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The Zolertia Z1 nodes have an external Temperature/humidity sensor - and are deployed around the labs in Building 32.

Currently they run a Coap client over 6LowPAN.

The code for the nodes/server are on https://github.com/wais-lab-sensors

A script on wsn.ecs fetcher.py runs the Java Coap code to GET the sensor readings.

There is a nice fetcher.ini which sets the defaults:

timeout = 15
retries = 5

the db.ini sets the database name, user/pass etc

A web view of the data is here: http://wsn.ecs.soton.ac.uk/wais-sensors

The Border Router (2001:630:d0:f202:c30c::128f) is connected to wais-6lowpan